Contributing to the society and the surrounding environment where we live as a thanks giving for all the benefits we have gained so far. We are the most blessed people in the entire history of humankind. We have never worried about getting killed by any wild animals, never thought about not have to live in a cave without any facilities overnight, never considered to have our own plantations to have food after few months etc.,. We are so much blessed by our developments that we are taking everything granted for all the benefits we are getting right now. Considering that with our great grandfathers who were struggling to have ends meets, our daily worries are insignificant and mediocre. We have been bombarded with all sorts of negativisms and negative news from TVs, newspapers, internets and media etc., which has polluted all our minds beyond words. Think about it – Are we not in a better place both socially and economically than our great great grandfathers who were living in jungles and struggling in farmlands? Are we still not much better than those mighty poor who are still finding it hard to have one single course of meal a day? What have we done as a thanks giving till date to the benefit of this society back?