Our mission is to contribute to our best level possible to the society and make our environment a better still better place to live. Our work is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a commitment to the society. Kudil Charitable Trust is striving for the upliftment of the poor, down trodden, and under privileged in the society.

We will be aiming to meet our mission by contributing to the below social measures through personal means and through the help from all likeminded good hearted people who make this world to have hope for future:

We are having the following development plans for the orphan children especially the little girl child whose life will end up in misery if not properly taken care of :

  • Have a full fledged Government registered and approved Orphanage for the safe and secured stay of these orphan children.
  • Provide all necessary safety and security features in the Orphanage including 24 * 7 care taker.
  • Provide all the necessary facilities to these children including dress, food, medicines, mattresses etc.
  • Ensure their hygienic conditions with proper grooming.
  • Develop their studies by putting them in a good English medium school.
  • Provide all necessary manpower supports including Cook, Care Taker, Evening tuitions, regular medical check-ups, Night staff and security.
  • Periodical reporting of the developments of these children to both government agencies and to the concerned Patron / Philanthropist, if any.
  • Providing them all necessary vocational training and development skills to face the real world with more confidence when they groom to adulthood.

We do the following social contribution aspects as part of our charity:

Regular medical camps on any area in and around the city (preferably a downtrodden place where people require the medical care the most but could not afford it such as slums). The regular medical camps include the following:

  • Free diabetes check-up camps
  • Free eye check-up camps
  • Arrangement to provide cataract surgery to the needy people at a discounted rate
  • Free Hygiene coaching in slums
  • If possible, construction of free toilets in slums
  • Providing dust bins on streets to ensure cleanliness
  • Arrangement to provide street lamps wherever required to prevent possible illegal activities
  • Medical counselling and assistance to overcome drug / alcohol addiction
  • Free Psychological counselling for those who need them

Caring of old age people by having an Old Age Home with all the minimum required facilities to cater to the Old Age people who need the best rest of their life at the final phase. We are providing the following facilities to them:

  • A very peaceful and healthy living environment
  • A good and hygienic vegetarian food
  • Regular snacks and milk both in morning and evening everyday
  • Regular medical check-ups
  • Daily Nursing care
  • Round the clock assistance for on call attendance
  • Regular reporting on the care being given and health condition of inmates to the near and dear