The KUDIL Charitable Trust was established in April 2014. The Chairman of the trust is a renowned Educationist and Philanthropist Mr. M K Subramanian, M Sc, M Ed, who has served his entire life as an Educationist. He has been personally selected by Government of India to represent India on Education curriculum in England to teach and train British school students for about a year. He was also deputed by Government of India to go to California on behalf of India for an Educational meet. In addition to the above, he has visited several countries in the world to learn and teach education. He has been assigned by the State Government of Tamil Nadu to write and review Math books of Tamil Nadu Textbook Society. He has also been called by National Counsel for Research on Education and Training (NCERT) to review CBSE Math books and give his expert guidance. Hence, it is not wrong to say that the current working generation has come up by reading his Math books and works.

He has been a good philanthropist throughout his life. He has helped lots of students from poor backgrounds to get admission in Teacher Training Intuitions on proper merit without falling prey to any outside agents. Having worked on such an esteemed and high profile posts, we are very proud and a bit of Honor to say that his hands are very clean and neat. Despite all the herculean efforts to make him corrupt and budging to the demands of those corrupts, our Chairman has stood by the principles and law which has greatly benefitted thousand of poor students, whom may not even know what a great support they got to get admitted in premier institutions without spending even a single penny.

After his retirement from Government service, he is being still much sought after for this Math and education expertise and at the age of 70+ he is still on his own trying to support the society. The brain child of his thinking to support the society is the conception of this Charity which he thought would be of little higher level.

With KUDIL trust, we have already started operating the Old Age Home which is catering to about 15 aged persons. There are about 10 regular staffs catering to the bedridden and active members. All the expenses to run this Old Age Home is either taken care by the trust or with minimum contributions from the knowns and relatives of inmates, though we are bearing the expenses on our shoulders to maximum possible. We are planning to expand our services to the others as explained above.